Armed with only a 2,000 dollar budget and a team of 14 designers and makers, we set out to design tableware, lighting, furniture, textiles, and centerpieces for the feast of a lifetime, all while attempting to stay under budget and within our 10 week time frame.
Our design process was driven by the idea that the objects of the feast should work in tandem with one another to create a mood which evoked playfulness, lucidity, intimacy, and quiet movement

Guests were invited to light the candles at the beginning of the meal.

Lighting which swung gently from the ceiling evoked quiet movement throughout the dinner.

Personal tongs proved the best solution to producing eating utensils quickly and cheaply. Cups and plates were made of slip-cast porcelain.

Painted plywood two-seater benches encouraged conversation and intimacy between dinner guests. Guests were given hand-sewn aprons as napkins, a fun way to break the ice.

Different serving trays were designed for each course.

Different serving trays were designed for each course.

Catering was provided by Party Downtown, a local restaurant in Eugene, OR.

The dinner served both as an incredible community event and as a formidable design challenge.

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